Are you

anxious about

painful sex?

Understand, manage and treat vaginismus & dyspareunia at home today with Norma’s digital support programme.

We get it. Intimately.

Experiencing dyspareunia & vaginismus is all too common, 

but it’s not normal.

Gráinne, Norma Co-Founder

Vaginismus ruined my mental health and relationships for years.

Dr. Natasha, Norma Co-Founder

Everyday, I empower people to overcome difficulties in their intimate lives.

Here for you when your body says no.

With Norma, you’ll be empowered & motivated to:

Learn about your individual mind-body connection.


Access expert-recommended tools, tips & exercises.


Integrate behavioural science into your personal plan.


Achieve your own unique goal for your intimate life.

How it works

Norma keeps it simple, bringing you an all-in-one support solution:


Understand and transform how you think about your body and your symptoms.


Create mind-body awareness and a sense of calm by connecting with your breath.


Relax and retrain your pelvic floor muscles with gentle physical techniques.

Informed by Experts

Jennie Hughes 

Pelvic Health 

Physiotherapy Advisor

Dr. Ylanga van der Geld

Sexual Medicine Advisor

Dr. Selcen Bahadır 

Sexual Medicine Advisor

Dr. Maria McEvoy

Clinical Research Advisor